Nominate A Librarian of the Year

Tell us about the librarian in your life. Submit his or her name and a few words to describe why he or she deserves recognition. (Nothing epic for now; just two or three sentences will do.) Whether you are a first-grader, or a senior citizen, or a college professor, we want to hear from you. The Big Read Dallas will collect nominations, and post them on this site. In the months ahead, we will select TBR’s Librarian of the Year, with special recognition in the April 2013 issue of D Magazine, and a cash prize.

Questions? Please contact us at 214-540-0118 and we will be delighted to provide more information.


Karen Harris

Karen is an outstanding librarian. as a high school librarian karen takes storytime to the classroom. when she first came to our school, she asked me when do we do storytime. i told her that we really didn’t do storytime on the secondary level, that we did booktalks. she looked for a storytime place and found it in our special education units. every week she goes to the units to work with those students who are unable to come to the library. they just finished their state fair project which always culminates in a joint project with the culinary arts classes. they make funnel cakes. karen is the epitome of the school librarian. she loves reading and wants to share her love with everyone she meets.

Colette Eason

Mrs. Eason, Grandma, makes sure I have tons of books to read. I am never without a book because of her. She wants all kids to have books they like to read when they want to read them, including picture, jokes, poetry, as well as plenty of great fiction. Every genre is in our library just waiting to be read.

Patricia Alvarado

I had the pleasure of mentoring patricia a few years ago and our friendship has continued. she is an excellent librarian and an asset to our school district. she wrote a grant last year for her library and was one of the recipents of kindles for her students to use. she is always finding ways to improve her library program and get students interested in reading. she stays up-to-date on technology and how to incorporate into her library.