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Librarian of the Year Award



Nominations for the 2015 Librarian of the Year will open December 1 and close January 30. You can nominate your favorite librarian by going here.

Big D Reads wants to honor the contributions of great local librarians through its annual Librarian of the Year award. Whether it’s helping with genealogy research, finding fun books for kids to read, or gently shushing a rowdy group in the periodical section, librarians work hard for our city. Brainy, bold, and bookish, they hold a special place in our heart.
We’re looking for a librarian who…
* advocates for literacy, helping people at any age learn to read and encouraging everyone to find a good book.
* increases access to information through a variety of media. He or she understands that ignorance is not bliss. Knowledge empowers.
* enhances the library experience through innovative projects and ideas.
* expands the role of the library in the community.

Nominations are open to any certified librarian currently working full or part-time at a library located within Dallas city limits. Librarians at public libraries and those employed by schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, museums, and research laboratories are eligible.

The Librarian of the Year will receive recognition in D Magazine’s April issue and other prizes TBD.

Questions? Please contact us at 214-540-0118 and we will be delighted to provide more information.

Nominate your favorite librarian here


Take a look at our 2014 Nominees

Jennifer Caldwell

I have checked books out at this library for several years, and I always look forward to seeing Jennifer. She is friendly, helpful, courteous, and represents the Dallas public library extremely well. As I understand it, she has been with the Dallas public library a long time and long-term employees like her need to be recognized for their dedication to the city, the library, and customers like me.

I have known Jennifer for many years. She is friendly, helpful, and most professional. Truly one of the best.

I’ve seen Jennifer many years at the Frankford library. She greets me by name, and is cordial, friendly, helpful, and pleasant. She always has time for a friendly chat. She always dresses professionally. She would represent the Dallas library quite nicely.

Brian at Skillman Southwestern Library

I have lived in the neighborhood for years now, and I started going to the library to save some money and take advantage of a resource so close to my home. I met Brian on my first visit, and he now always greets me with a smile and polite conversation. Brian often sees me come in the door and pulls any books or movies for me right away. I realized this week that Brian’s kindness and genuineness make me look forward to my routine trip to the library. I have that nostalgic feeling and enthusiasm for reading that I felt as a child, checking out books on my first library card. I see families with small children reading and exploring the various sections, and I am so happy they have an advocate like Brian to invite them in and open them to the world of adventures the library can hold! Thanks, Brian!

Jan Burnett

As L.G. Pinkston’s librarian, Ms. Burnett contributes to her school in more ways than one. With her warm and inviting personality, she is the go-to source for most of our school’s inquiries. Her love for reading has been contagious, and the fun displays draw our students in and spark their interest to develop a new love for reading. She tailors each person’s book request and finds the perfect book that keeps them coming back for more. Also, an NHS sponsor, she uses reading to children as a service project for her NHS members to get them intrigued with reading at an early age. Ms. Burnett loves her students, school, and her library, and it is shown every day in her hard work and has contributed so much to our school and community.

Paige Poe

Paige is the children’s librarian and always has a great story time planned. She tries to make every kid feel special. I admire her dedication, and hope she wins.

Angela Bartula

Angie Bartula has been the manager for the Oak Lawn Branch of the Dallas Public Library since 2012. While she has been in her location for just a little more than 2 years, she hit the ground running and has been a positive agent for change in the neighborhood. She made it a point to get to know the neighborhood she serves and is highly aware of the needs of the community. As a reflection of that, she has arranged the collection to make the items most desirable easy and convenient for the customers to find with additional signage. She has also have made sure that the branch is the community hub for information, education, and just plain fun by implementing a wide variety of services and programs, such as:
Manga Club! – Hosted by the active and enthusiastic teens of North Dallas High School, they focus on sharing their love of manga and creating art together
Knittie Gritties – Knitting club gathers to knit, chat, make new friends, and learn a new hobby
Senior’s in the 21st Century – Assists our elderly to learn how to use all their new “gadgets” to connect with their families and utilize library resources such as online books and databases
Treat Yourself to a Good Book…Club – A no-assigned reading book club, but a chance to gather and share your latest find from the book shelf
This Isn’t Your High School Book Club – Focuses on reading the classics, then a fun, invigorating discussion
Meet Me @ the Library – Friend social activities each month sponsored by Dallas Library Pride
In addition to targeted programs to engage the community, Angie has partnered with area businesses and community partners to offer services such as:
Cognosante Healthcare Marketplace Assistants, which is used to help folks navigate the healthcare marketplace. Various Homeowners Associations meet regularly in the branch. Crime Watch meetings take place in the branch. Scottish Rite Employee Healthcare Fair welcomed Angie and the library as a participant. Designated job seekers computers for the public. Participated in the Teen Pride Parade in September. Illume/Dish Restaurant – just partnered with the library to host AuthorSpeak for visiting LGBT author Leslea Newman last week.
Angie is an active member of the City of Dallas and the Dallas Public Library’s LGBT Taskforce and she has expanded the Spanish-language collection in the Oak Lawn Branch to reflect the rising needs in the community. She is truly the epitome of what a neighborhood librarian should be—involved, engaged, and excited to be part of the community in which she works.

Madline Hoff

Madeline has been with the Farmers Branch Library since 2011. A graduate of SMU, she will complete graduate studies with a specialization in archiving in 2014. In addition to regular duties, Madline has redesigned library marketing and outreach materials and created an amazing  dinosaur literacy scavenger hunt summer adventure for kids.

Aimee Van Heist

This children’s librarian does an excellent job on weekly storytime for children and instills a love of books to all.  She is also outstanding at Summer Reading programs and special presenters throughout the year.  She is a treasure, and me and my kids (2.5 and 4.5) would like to wholeheartedly endorse her as Librarian of the Year.

I nominate Miss Aimee van Heist of the Park Forest Library. Miss Aimee is the children’s librarian and she does a great job. My children, who are 2 and 3, love story time every Wednesday at 10:30. Thanks to Miss Aimee.

I would like to nominate Aimee van Heist. She is the children’s librarian at the Park Forest and Preston Royal branches of the Dallas Public Library. I love the way she gets kids in to the library. They always have fun and interesting activities on Saturdays and crafts for the holidays. She creates a summer full of fun for the summer reading program, too. It’s great to have our librarian on the Texas Bluebonnet Program committee. They have chosen some outstanding books this year.

Marcella Folks

Ms. folks is very warm and inviting. I enjoy working with her. She is always willing to lend a hand to whatever we need. She provides a fun and creative atmosphere in the library for both the students and staff. She is always up to date with technology and shares that knowledge with us. We are very privileged to have her on the Longfellow staff.

Colette Eason

Mrs. Eason is a fantastic librarian! She is extremely resourceful when it comes to researching articles to be used as classroom lesson extensions. Whenever there’s a need for educational websites to enhance learning, she’s my primary source. The students love going to the library because she makes it an adventure for them each time, especially when she reads them a theme story. I also find myself engaged and on edge when she reads, changing her voice with each character. It’s an honor to nominate Mrs. Eason for this year’s Librarian of the Year.

Paula Serna

Paula Serna is a great help to the students of Hector P. Garcia Middle school. She takes away from her time to come into my classroom one period a day and read to my students. Her library is very kid friendly; it is easy to locate just what you are looking for. Paula Serna displays great qualities of a school librarian.

Peter Coyl

Please consider Peter Coyl for Librarian of the Year. As branch manager of  the Audelia Road Branch of the Dallas Public Library, he has created  a cordial and welcoming atmosphere for area friends and neighbors and managed improved site operations by  working closely with staff and responding to their needs via improved communications. His efforts  have increased toddler, elementary, and high schoolers’ participation at this branch as well as increased neighborhood adults using the library for personal and professional interests and for reading pleasure.
Professionally, Peter has achieved much by his work with the American Library Association by serving as Chairman of the Stonewall Book Award Committee since 2013. He has shared his expertise through presentations given at the Public Library Association Conference, the Texas Library Association Annual Conference, and the Pennsylvania Library Association Conference. Mr. Coyl was instrumental in bringing award-winning  author Tim Federle to the Dallas Public Library in 20012 and Leslea Newman in 2014. He’s continued his chairmanship of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee for 2014.

Dianne McCorcle

I’ve had the privilege of working with Dianne McCorcle, the school librarian at Arcadia Park Elementary, for more than five years now. Each year, my admiration for her grows. Dianne, along with her assistant Anabel Gonzalez, leads the Arcadia Park Library staff in serving more than 600 students weekly. This is no small task, but Dianne accomplishes it with professionalism and grace. This year, after overcoming some serious health issues, she is more dedicated than ever before and is a key force in ensuring library books are back on the shelves quickly. Dianne is also very active in the community through her church and Delta Kappa Gamma. She is a fine colleague who demonstrates continual pursuit of excellence in her work and life.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Dianne McCorcle for more than five years now, and every year, am more impressed by her professionalism and dedication. Dianne, along with Anabel Gonzalez, leads the Arcadia Park staff in serving more than 600 Arcadia Park Elementary students and teachers weekly—no small task, but Dianne does a fine job and makes it seem easy. This year, after overcoming serious health issues, she has also taken on a significant role in keeping the branch collection available and in order. Dianne is very active in the community through her involvement with church and Delta Kappa Gamma. I couldn’t ask for a better colleague to work with in serving the community.

May Shen

If Hollywood needed a script about librarians, May Shen’s daily activities would make excellent copy. And if the Screen Actor’s Guild needed a protagonist, May would be a perfect fit.
Ms. May Shen is a Children’s Librarian at the Arcadia Park Branch of the Dallas Public Library. This library is located in northwest Dallas near Dallas Baptist University and is physically connected to the new Arcadia Park Elementary School. The school is overwhelmingly Hispanic. Ms. Shen’s daily tasks are varied: (1) she complements the elementary school’s librarian, Mrs. McCorkle, as well as individual classroom teachers. Also, she coordinates post-school activities for all students who come to the library after school. May Shen has developed relationships with many local educational institutions: (1) students from Dallas Baptist University provide homework assistance, (2) in association with the University of Texas at Dallas, several hands-on scientific themed endeavors are in the library and are used daily by students: one such experiment involves the generation of electricity, and another involves practical robotics, (3) amateur astronomers from the Dallas Planatarium & Perot conduct daylight activities involving our sun.  May Shen personally teaches an introductory course in speaking Mandarin Chinese. Any library patron may participate.
Ms. Shen is shy, and this is especially true when the topic of her motivation is broached. She always loves the smiles, laughter, and shrieks of happy children and she thrives on parental approval when a task is satisfactorily completed. Of equal importance to her is consoling and helping a disappointed child. She mentioned the pleasure she gets from working with other library employees and she thoroughly enjoys pleasing her branch manager, Annette Brown.

Bernadette Mount

Bernadette Mount is assistant librarian at St. Rita Catholic School in Dallas. She introduced St. Rite’s One Read program this year. The fourth through eight graders read the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio and incorporated the book into the school lessons. They had fundraisers for the Craniofacial Association. They incorporated the precepts of the book into the monthly social justice teaching. The program culminated with a visit by the author, R.J. Palacio. I wish she were my children’s librarian.

Dr. Rosenid Badia

As the librarian for Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Dr. Badia has taken the library from merely a place where students check out books, to the focal point of the entire school. Now the library is a place where students, parents, and staff meet and learn. She teaches us how to conduct research and incorporates technology in her lessons. She is a huge part of our school’s success.

Dr. Rosenid Badia currently serves as the librarian for Benjamin Franklin Middle School. She is truly deserving to be the Librarian of the Year based on her commitment to our students, faculty and staff, and the community. She shares her expertise in research, world cultures, and technology, and is a huge part of the success of our school.