Dallas Public Library Information

Dallas Public Library Information

At the library you will also find complete academic research on the world’s most comprehensive and valuable scholarly database that includes more than 5000 peer reviewed journals and full text periodicals. This database also offers user abstracts and indexing for over 9000 journals and for over 10,000 publications. These publications include reports, conference proceedings, monographs, and other interesting readings and information.  What is especially exciting about this database is that it goes back as far as 1887 and the majority of search-able full text titles are in n a PDF format.

There is also a  Adult Learning Center that can help you with a variety of things such as passing the GED, preparing for US citizenship, understanding Microsoft office, or many other live tutorials on a interesting mixture of subjects. You will also find a comprehensive resource section for automotive repair and diagnosis. There are many vehicle specific information details that will help you to repair and service your vehicle on your own. You can also research factory correct diagrams, factory part numbers, component locations, and labor times for any part of your vehicle.

If you are  curious about your ancestors there are more than 300 years of informative historical newspapers, pamphlets, books, and government reports to help you with your research. You can search the vast number of more than 1000 newspapers and find various pieces of information to help you with your ancestral research such as pension records, marriage notices, obituaries, and so forth. This type of resource is available only at the library and therefore as you can see a trip to the library in Dallas may be well worth your time.

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