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How a Librarian’s Suggestion Changed R.L. Stine’s Life Forever

I’m constantly amazed by what an impact Ray Bradbury had on people. I love telling people that we’re going to read Fahrenheit 451 together because I love to see their reactions. Bradbury and his work changed so many lives. One of those lives he changed is author R.L. Stine’s. You may have read his Goosebumps series when you were younger. Yesterday, he tweeted this video where he talks about how a librarian’s suggestion for him to read books by Ray Bradbury forever changed his life.


Librarians are unsung heroes. The example above shows just how important they are to kids, young and old. We wanted to recognize them, which is why we created the Librarian of the Year award. Go here to nominate your favorite librarian. The winner will be in the May issue of D Magazine and there’s a cash award.

Also, follow R.L. Stine on Twitter, @RL_Stine. He’s great at interacting with fans. 


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